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Here we have a list of places I was able to find along the way. However, I have not eaten at all of these places because some of them were unfortunately closed, which happens sometimes during rainy season. I’ve found these places through Happy Cow, Google Map Searches, and just stumbling around town. If you’re looking for more than just food on the loop, check out my other article Mae Hong Son Loop: Check Out these Sites.

Here’s a map of all the places mentioned below 🙂

Pai Night Market

Probably my favorite part of Thailand is the Pai Night Market. If I could teleport, I’d be coming here 5 nights a week! There is a crazy variety of food to be had here.

However, my top pick is gonna be the Veggie Wrap Lady (that’s my nickname for her, but if you ask for that name I’m sure you’ll be pointed in the right direction). She has 8-12 different fruits and veggies that she mixes all together in a salad, rice wrap, or pita wrap. Most notably she mixes in a good portion of avocado! She adds a delicious peanut sauce and heaps of sesame seeds. Healthy, delicious, and a lovely woman to boot!

Come here for a full stomach and all the food you can dream of.

The notorious Veggie Wrap Lady does it again!!!

Earth Tones in Pai

You won’t have trouble finding vegetarian options in Pai, but Earth Tones is gotta be an easy top 3 on everyone’s list. It’s #1 on mine. They know what it means to be healthy serving raw deserts, homemade ice cream, juice tonics, smoothies, vegan waffles, and housing a small store with lots of healthy goodies (like teas, creams, scents, spices, etc.). It may be a little more expensive than traditional Thai places, but Everytime I’m in Pai, I’m in Earth Tones!

Come here for a fancier dish with more unusual offerings (like Japanese curry).

JiJi’s Restaurant in Mae Hong Son

I spoke about this place in my blog post about things to do during the Mae Hong Son Loop. They have both meat and vegetarian dishes, but they understand clearly what vegetarian and vegan means in the western culture. You don’t need to be fearful of getting oyster sauce or surprise prawns here. It was so good we came back here for breakfast the next day before driving off to Mae Sariang.

Come here for great Thai food or find something less Thai like moussaka (a middle-eastern eggplant dish).

Thai Curry at JiJi’s

Little Good Things in Mae Hong Son

Sadly, this was closed from July 1st until August (the sign gave no details to when in August they may open). But Little Good Things had the best reviews on Happy Cow. Fortunately JiJi’s was open and so so delicious. Check out both of these places if you can 😀

Come here for a vegan and vegetarian array.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Kuhn Yuam

When you’re driving from Mae Hong Son to Mae Sariang you’ll pass through Kuhn Yuam. It’s a hefty drive so you might build up an appetite on the way. Unfortunately, this place was closed for us, but there was no sign to explain why. I’m just assuming it’s rainy season thing. However, it has excellent reviews on Google Maps (only 7 months old), the place looked to be still active, and it looked pretty nice. It’s on the way so definitely worth checking out.

Come here for a nice break in the drive with pure vegetarian options.

Intira Restaurant in Mae Sariang

Again, didn’t get a chance to eat here because my partner and I were in a hurry to meet a friend of mine so we didn’t get a chance to eat here. Intira Restaurant has good reviews on Happy Cow and the pics on there look good.

Come here for good vegetarian Thai food.

Any old place on the way

And totally feel free to check out random food joints along the way. Ask for “Jay” (meaning vegetarian in Thai) and they’ll say “yes” or “no” to ya. We were on the way to Mae Hong Son and found this shack restaurant in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful view of mountains and rice fields. Luck would have it as well that a massive rain storm passed over us as we were eating, not before nor after 🙂

Eating some jay Pad Thai and Fried Rice watching the storm pass