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I have no affiliation with Mountain Hardware. I did not receive any payment or merchandise from Mountain Hardware. I only ever write reviews with honest assessments based on my personal experience.

Hello all you beautiful hikers <3 We have here a wonderful review of my favorite piece of gear! The Mountain Hardware Canyon Long-Sleeve Hiking shirt!!! Wow, did I lose ya? That was a mouthful :O

What’s Included and for How Much?

Holding and Wearing the Mountain Hardware Canyon Long Sleeve

This is for a medium shirt:
Cost: $65
Weight: 7.4oz / 209g
Material: Polyester
Packed Size: Teeney Tiny

You get a button down long sleeve shirt…that’s it.

Closer Look!

But there is so much going on with this shirt.

Number one! I get long sleeves because I want sun protection. This guy has a 50upf rating to help out with that. It also has a clever collar extension design to help protect your neck during the heat of the day (see picture).

Collar Closed
Collar Open – Note it has an extension flap seen at the top of the collar here

It also has 4 durable and convenient pockets on the chest. Two button flap pockets and two zippered pockets to keep items secure. I loved, loved, loved, these pockets. I used them to house rubber bands, clips, blue tooth ear buds, bottle caps when refilling water, or hair bands. They made life on the trail that much easier and they never tore nor needed patchwork.

4 pockets: 2 flaps, 2 hidden zips
Here is the zipper pockets hidden on the side of each flap pocket – it is it’s own pocket

It is light weight, dries quick, and has sewn-in air vents under the arm pit to reduce heat and sweating. I hiked in the dead of summer in Georgia – I had the sleeves down, but unbuttoned and I felt nice (though I do handle heat better than many).

I used this shirt as a towel here and there on the trail (woops! forgot my actual towel :p) and it dried within 15 minutes with sun light. I was blown away when this happened!

Final Thoughts

I brought two of these with me on the trail for 4 months. I work nothing but this shirt for 131 days! And I love it. I cannot recommend it enough. Let’s go through the list:

  • 4 Perfect Pockets
  • Sun Protection, even the neck
  • Light Weight and Sweat Wicking
  • Quick Dry (seriously)

And no, I am not getting paid by Mountain Hardware. No, I did not receive a free shirt. I paid for these shirts on sale (actually on sale as of this writing for $40 on the Mountain Hardware website).