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Going from place to place with an uke on my back and a smile on my face

Hi, I’m Mike the Meanderthal!
I’ve been wandering around the globe for the past five years figuring out my lot in life. I’ve had a great time and so many learning experiences. The traveling is still going on and it’s finally time I share what I know to help fellow travelers 🙂

What People are saying

Full disclosure! I'm friends with Mike and I'm one of the authors for this site. I find it useful whenever I visit Chiang Mai!


It's me! I'm a customer for my own site - say what! I think it's a great site and I try to make the articles as helpful and fun as I can 🙂


Traveling is for Everyone

You don’t need massive amounts of money to travel and you don’t need loads of gear. Everyone can travel and have a great time doing it! Subscribe with me to follow my travels, learn tips and tricks, and reduce your load!